Moving to a Secondary School

Pupils usually start secondary school in the September following their 11th birthday. If your child is born between 1st September 2008 and 31st August 2009, this will be in September 2020. You will need to apply by 31st October 2019.


Information on how to apply for a secondary school place can be found in the Moving to a Tower Hamlets Secondary School Booklet. This is available from Tower Hamlets primary schools or by contacting the council’s Pupil Services Team on 020 7364 5006.

From 1st September – 31st October 2019 you will be able to apply online. If you make an online application you should not complete a paper application form.

Important Notice:

Raine’s Foundation School is subject to proposals for it to close in August 2020. Parents wishing to apply for Year 7 entry in September 2020 are strongly advised to also name up to five alternative schools, in order of preference, on their application. A decision on the future of Raine’s School will be taken in January next year and before parents are notified of the outcome of their secondary transfer application on the 2nd March 2020. If you name Raine’s amongst your school preferences and a decision is made to close the school, the order of school preference on your application will be adjusted accordingly. Please note that no further preferences will be allowed after the application closing date on the 31st October 2019.


Raine's Foundation Admission Policy 2020-2021


Tower Hamlets - School Admissions


The deadline for applications is 31st October 2019. If you miss the deadline for applications, please contact the Pupil Services team for advice on Tel: 020 7364 5006.

Applying Online

If your child is due to start secondary school in September 2020 and was born between 1st September 2008 and 31st August 2009 you can make your application online. Apply between 1st September 2019 and 31st October 2019.

Applying online is a simple easy way to submit your child’s secondary transfer application. You will be connected through to the Your London portal where you must register before you make your application.

Accessed here:

Open Morning


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